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05:20 am | “One afternoon a few of us were on the beach, tossing a Frisbee around, when someone asked what the time was. Francois squinted into the sun, thought for a while and as he...

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02:47 pm | My family had been invited to someone’s hunting camp for a fireworks show a long time ago. The camp was a cabin in the middle of the woods and there were about 50...

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12:11 am | “Damn, it’s too hot in here!” I exclaimed as I slid into that heavy spacesuit with a logo on the right side of the chest that proudly proclaimed “INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANIZATION. COLOSEUS...

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06:20 pm | I too wanted to serve My people and do my Bit for my land and Earn a name in the Hearts of men Keeping this in mind I marched till something Stuck my...

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08:31 am | To Whom It May Concern: I would like to thank my Wife, Terry Manley, for raising our 9 kids and for saving my life. In 1992 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease....

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11:38 am | Dear John; All my life I have waited for a knight who would come brandishing his sword to vanquish my perils. I have wanted someone I could trust so much so that I...

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Ancient Tales: The Importance of Etiquette »

Ancient Tales: The Importance of Etiquette 10:48 am | This storyline gives wonderful worth- as to how we can all continue to improve ourselves, our surroundings and the lives and situations of others. Our tale today is...

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A quest for attention »

A quest for attention 05:17 am | Moth Stories: A son’s quest for his father’s attention takes him to unexpected lands.   Facebook comments - MAKE A COMMENT NOW!:...

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Cooking High Stake Meal »

Cooking High Stake Meal 04:00 am | A chef details cooking a high-stakes meal for… Facebook comments - MAKE A COMMENT NOW!:...

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Kindness Stories

Prayers For You »

Prayers For You

03:03 pm | When you became my friend, My prayers for you shall began. When you’re happy that things go...

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Groceries Bought And Left Behind »

Groceries Bought And Left Behind

03:58 am | –posted by PiTeacher The other day I was in the grocery store. I was hurrying to get...

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Help. »


08:37 pm | As we live, we have to admit we can’t just do everything on our own. No matter...

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Joy of Innocence »

Joy of Innocence

10:58 am | Sweet little Trisha of four years old always use to hold her Grand Paa’s little finger to...

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Hunger makes you speak »

Hunger makes you speak

12:00 pm | My country is a poor country, beggars are a common sight on the roads of Karachi, they...

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05:22 am | I always believed that one man could always make a difference; little did I know I will...

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Sometimes dreams come true. »

08:03 am | Slowly the sun was rising over the mountains. A cock crowed to make sure that everyone was awake. Lucy Mc Greggor lay in bed staring at the ceiling; she had a feeling that something strange is going to happen today. Reluctantly she got up and dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. Walking down the stairs...

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Sometimes dreams come true.

The Heart’s True Desire. »

01:31 am | Far away in a distant land, in a forgotten time… was the Golden Kingdom Sham-nion. It was ruled by King Samrak and Queen Laniana. It was a busy and prospering Kingdom and everyone was happy! People sang while they worked and there were no quarrels. Everyone got along and was merry! Unfortunately like every good...

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The Heart’s True Desire.

Tabled Memoirs »

05:05 am |   TABLED MEMOIRS She yet reminisced over those glorious years. Times in the past, times yet unseen, when the sun would scatter the colours of the rainbow in glee before her exuberant eyes. They had been a shroud that had hovered over her, protecting her instincts from the vast unknown outside world. Purple was the...

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Tabled Memoirs


05:36 pm | Faith in difficult times By Jubair Ali al-Sayed When we look at today’s headlines in the newspapers and magazines, or perhaps hear a brief news report on the radio or television, or read the latest news updates on the internet, it is quite easy for a person who does not have the Qur’anic perspective and...

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I Seek To Know »

07:05 am | I’m at a quest to find answers, to find solutions to my endless pit of enquiries. I seek to know more than I do and discover the past that has made me what I have come to be. They beg me not to look for things, but I tell them not to hide anything. Too...

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I Seek To Know

Articled & Opinionated Stories

Be You

Be You »

05:39 am |   In life you are asked what you want to be you grow up. Most of us answered with silly things such as, clown, dancer, ballerina, or  dragon. I mean...

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The immensity of love. »

The immensity of love.

08:45 am | Love, something we lack in our day to day busy life. Love, one of the greatest gifts on Earth, which actually is...

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Life In General: Shining Tiara »

Life In General: Shining Tiara

06:18 am | I see an invisible crown on my head every time I look in the mirror (believe this or not). This is not...

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Poetry & Spoken Words

Move Fast »

Move Fast

08:17 pm | Much to do, much to do!!! Fly so high, catch a star… Until one day you leap too far! Deep and black...

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A desire »

A desire

09:07 pm | A desire Wings from the heart Forming a prayer on my lips My Lord With my strong faith, I plea to you...

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All is in the mind

All is in the mind »

05:29 am | I am on top and on the edge of “my world” It feels exceptionally good, The scenery; being able to see it all Having absolute control; right in the palm...

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