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The Fox and the Crocodile

The Fox and the Crocodile storyA long time ago there was a fox whose sister was getting married. The fox wanted to help her sister plan the wedding party. The fox had no tongue so she couldn’t make the special sound used to help celebrate the wedding. She decided to ask around for someone to loan her a tongue for the wedding. She went from one animal to another asking to borrow a tongue, so that she could make the special wedding sound. She said that she would return the tongue after the wedding.

Finally, she went to the crocodile. The crocodile was sleeping on the edge of the river and she said, “Crocodile, please lend me your tongue so that I can make the special sound at my sister’s wedding.” Finally the crocodile agreed, but she warned that she would have to return the tongue as soon as the wedding was over. The fox said, “Thank you. I’ll return it as soon as possible.”

The fox took the tongue and went to her sister’s wedding. She made that special sound the whole night long. The crocodile was waiting for the fox to return his tongue. When the wedding was over the fox didn’t return the tongue. The other animals asked the fox why she didn’t return the tongue to the crocodile. The fox said, ” For a long time I didn’t know how food tasted. I don’t want to lose my chance to taste all the different delicious foods, and I can’t do this unless I make these sounds.

Ever since then the crocodile has no tongue. He grabs his food without tasting it. The fox never goes to the river or anywhere she might meet a crocodile. She is scared that the crocodile might kill her and take her tongue back. The crocodile is still waiting for the fox to get his tongue back.

Lesson: Like the crocodile, a person can do good things but she might not get any reward.

Somali Foktale

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